Thermostat changing temperatures by itself

I set my Wyze Thermostat to 66 degrees this morning. The thermostat read “Heating to 66,” and the furnace came on and warmed the house. A couple of hours later, I noticed the house was getting colder. I looked at the thermostat and it said “Heat to 55.” Naturally, if I left it this way, the furnace wouldn’t come on until temps reached about 54.

This has happened a couple of times with my new furnace. Anybody know why? I don’t have schedules set.

It could be the default “Temperature preferences” are overriding your set point. Access them in settings for the thermostat and Change them to what you prefer.

Thanks. I will give that a try.

you probably have the default schedules, unless you removed them,…

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Is there a way to remove all schedules? I’m in and out of my house at different times each day. A schedule (whether default or not) doesn’t work for me. Thanks.

Nevermind, I figured it out. You just have to swipe left on a schedule, and then tap the trash can icon. :stuck_out_tongue: