Wyze thermostat keeps switching from heat to cool mode

I installed a Wyze thermostat earlier this year and it worked great cooling over the summer. However, now that it’s getting colder, I’ve switched it over to heat and am having a problem. The thermostat switches from heat to cool mode all by itself. Thinking maybe it was a preference or schedule issue, I reset the thermostat, deleted it from the app, and reinstalled. I didn’t set up a schedule. Unfortunately, it’s displaying the same problem, switching from heat to cool with no user intervention. Has anyone else experienced this issue or have any suggestions as to what may be causing it?

Some pictures of my C adapter wiring, furnace board, and thermostat wiring.


Are you in auto mode or heat mode?
From the thermostat screen in the app, swipe up and look at “mode”. Auto will automatically switch between heat and air conditioning according to a temperature range you have set. Heat will only heat, and Cool will only run the air conditioner.

I’m in heat mode. I tried auto mode recently, which was one is the reasons I reinstalled (old settings carrying over?). I’ve reset the thermostat and reinstalled the device in the Wyze app twice. I’m only running in heat mode yet the thermostat keeps switching to cool.

Bumping this up. Can anyone help? The problem persists even though I’ve set up rules to turn heat mode on in the morning and evening.

What do you mean by “switching to cool”?
Do you mean the fan is blowing, but the heat is not running?
Or is it actually running the air conditioner?

I mean the mode is changed from heat to cool. Because there’s a 5 degree difference between heat and cool temps (73 and 78, respectively), the air conditioner doesn’t run. The house is at 73 deg F. The mode changes on it’s own from cool to heat and the temperature setting changes from 73 F to 78 F. I’ll either notice the mode change walking by the thermostat or notice that the temperature in the house has gotten colder than 73.

Do you have a schedule set?

I’ve tried with and without a schedule. The thermostat changes from heat to cool regardless.

if it’s in auto mode, it will switch modes by itself. if it’s not in auto mode, it will not. however you might have a schedule that is causing it to switch modes.

The thermostat is not in auto mode. The schedule just changes the temperature, not the mode.

As far as i know, there’s no way for it to switch out of heating mode by itself. maybe someone is messing with the physical thermostat?

This is no longer an issue (and never was a Wyze thermostat problem). Thanks for all your help! It turns out I had two rules setup with ambiguous names that turned on cool mode. I can’t believe I overlooked them but once deleted, the thermostat stays in heat mode.

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