Can Thermostat auto switch between Heat and Cool

I’m curious if the Wyze Thermostat is able to automatically switch between heating and cooling? For example where I live it can be 70-80 degrees during the day and in the fall drop down into to 40-50’s… We set our current dumb thermostat at 72 which keeps the house cool during the day, but in the evening if the temperatures drop it can get pretty cold unless we manually switch to heat to bring it back up to 72. However then the next day it can get stuff bc the air won’t run if we forget to switch it back to cooling.

So does the Wyze Thermostat make that switch from A/C to heat or heat to A/C to keep the house always at a specific temperature?

I would assume it can do that, but very curious to confirm.


Yes it will auto switch but there is a 5 degree limit between temps. So you can set heat at 68 and AC at 73 and it will auto switch between. But if you want to set the AC at 72, you have to first lower your heat temp to 67 and vice versa.

So the heat would just keep it at 67 in the example? It wouldn’t bring it up to 72?

No, they have the 5 degree safety limit so that the heat and AC aren’t fighting against each other. If you want to keep the house at 72 all the time and it heated up to 72, usually it ends up at 73 so then the AC would turn on and cool it down to 71 possibly and back and forth constantly. So that’s why they put the 5 degree limit.

You can change the heat up to 72 at any time, but you would need to first change the AC up to 77 before it will allow you to see the heat up to 72


Found this topic might be very close to my question. I have an old Honeywell Q539A thermostat (round mercury type with a switch for cooling, off, or heating). It has 6 wires: W, G, Y, R, O and B. The first four seem easy to do, however, it is hard to know how O and B are connected. According to the manual, O(range) is for cooling damper motor, and B(lue) is for heating damper motor. Can WYZE new thermostat be used to replace my old Honeywell Q539A? I have a transformer in case I don’t have C wire in my current system.

:thinking: interesting… Can you upload a photo of the thermostat backplate and one of inside the indoor unit?

Hi Brian, thank you for your quick response. Here is a picture of my old Q539A thermostat.

Thanks for the image, can you upload one of the indoor unit wiring as well? Need to see how they terminate.

do you mean the other end on the controller? I believe it is a damper controller for I have 2 zones. It is a Honeywell TROLATEMP master control mini-zone panel. See below picture for the wiring. I plan to replace the one for zone 1. zone 2 is off the picture at the right.