Auto Temperature Range Suggestion

I’ve seen a lot of comments about the five degree temperature range that the thermostat forces the user into when selecting auto-mode. My understanding of why this is necessary is because you would run the risk of your system constantly bouncing between heat and cool as it is trying to hit your desired, set temp. With that said, I’m not a professional; so, take that comment with a grain of salt.

Of course, Wyze could let us narrow the range to say two or three degrees instead of five. But, I have another suggestion that I would also like to see, Say you have your range set at “heat to 70”, “cool to 75”. It’s a chilly morning and you want to bump the heat up to 72 to take the chill off. Currently, you would have to change the “cool to” temp to 77 BEFORE changing the “heat to” temp to 72.

Why can’t the thermostat automatically change the “cool to” temp as I am manually changing the “heat to” temp. Then, it could hold at that manually set temp for some standard period of time (perhaps an hour or two…or, maybe let you select the length of time). Once the period of time is up, it would then go back to your normal settings.

Does this make sense or am I missing something?

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My biggest disappointment with the thermostat was how manual the smart thermostat is…specifically because of the upper and lower settings when using auto heat/cool. In the advanced feature there is a Differential Temp “how far outside the set point the thermostat will allow the temperature to go.” If you are attempting to use auto heat/cool, this is a very pointless setting and it doesn’t look like you can control it to set only for heat or cool. I can’t believe how much I am disliking this thermostat. I have to mess with it ALL the time. We have 40 degree nights and 72 degree days. My heat settings were working until it started getting above 65 during the day, now my wife tells me it is too hot at bedtime. I know what temperature I want my house to be and i’m good with a temperature differential if I could have ONE TEMP setting and a few degrees differential. I have to mess with this thermostat way more than I ever had to mess with my dumb thermostat. This thermostat isn’t smart, it has no sense. And now I have to fiddle with a temperature differential, which really has a chance to mess people up with auto heat/cool who already set their temp range 5 degrees apart and now have the potential for it to be 7 degrees or more apart and for sure never have their house at a comfortable temperature. As the auto stands now, it only assures my comfort when the temperature outside is perfect, otherwise, it will only heat when my house is already colder than I want and only bring it back to that low temp or hotter than I want and only cool to the high temp which is a few degrees too warm.

And to your first point, there really is no necessary reason for the 5 degrees of separation for a smart thermostat. The only use for it is with a non-smart wifi thermostat as they have implemented here.

Anyone know if these issues have been addressed?