Wyze thermostat fan running but not cooling

Please help wire wyze thermostat. The way I wired it only runs fan, but not cooling.

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Do you have a screenshot of how you wired the Wyze?

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Sorry, forgot to upload. Here it is:

When you went through the setup, did you select Heat pump for your HVAC? I believe by using the O/B, implies a Heat pump. if you did not, you will need to go through the setup again.

Also Note: In your first image, the old T-Stat looks like there is a wired on the E contact. That should be the Emergency Heat. On the Wyze T-Stat, that would normally be the * connection.

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@spamoni4 is correct. The initial setup doesn’t ask the right question when trying to determine if you have a conventional system or a heat pump. It asks if there are two sets of wire labels but Wyze didn’t consider the fact that some Heat Pump Thermostats only have one set of Heat Pump labels.

When you go thru the setup again, and confirm a Heat Pump by selecting Yes when it asks about two sets of labels, it should give you the same wiring setup:

But, I don’t think you actually have Emergency Heat strips in that unit. From what I can see from the screenshot, they used the White wire to jumper the W2 and the E (not very securely I might add).

Also, that is a mighty long exposed lead wire going into W. You want your wires to show as little exposed copper as possible. I would trim them back so the insulation is close to the black plastic on the bus bar.