Wyze Thermostat compatibility checker in app differs from website

Hello, I ordered the Thermostat on 10/30 and I bet you could believe how excited I was when it came. I started to follow the instructions, only to find that its not compatible! I was shocked… I check the web page compatibility at-least a dozen times before ordering. I checked again. Still compatible. What is going on with this?

This is your thermostat wiring. How is it wired at your furnace?

I did not really look too well because I have no control board. Im not an electrician but all the connectors coming from the thermostat are wire nutted to a transformer (Stepping the24v up to 208) I tested my t-stat and its 24v… Anyways, With some advice from a HVAC tech and some research, I swapped the X for C when marking it out in the app. This was the recommendation from a few sources. So I got it to work. I still have an issue with it NOT using my 2nd stage heat, which it just bypasses in the system test and doesn’t let me test it…