Wyze Thermostat Compatibility Checker

Good afternoon,

I am having issued getting my thermostat working. I went to the compatibility checker and entered the following wires


the checker indicates it is compatible, but when I try to install it, there in no X2 wire to select in the the app.?? My system is a Carrier FAANF036. The thermostat I am replacing is a Weathertron with 8 wires. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance

Sorry wrong system number.

Carrier FA4ANF036

Don’t know specially, but this may provide some info…

Again up to you, but you might consider selecting E and see if as a heat pump set up it will plug into W2 for emergency heat

X2 is emergency heat.

X2= *
T= unused

If it’s not heating enough, you can set X2 to W2 or Aux instead, but generally on Carriers, it’s emergency heat.

If when you test it, it blows hot air on cool and cold air on heat, there is an option in advanced settings to switch heat and cool.

I ran into the same issue where the compatibility checker has an x2 and the app doesn’t. You might want to check, in my case it turns out the wire connected to x2 on the thermostat wasn’t actually connected to anything on the other end. Guessing it was a leftover from my old system, and when the new one was installed they just connected it to x2 rather than cutting it off and taping?

tried it, but I am getting No power to the wyze unit

hmm. I wonder if the common is actually hooked up. did your old thermostat need batteries?

no batteries, its an old weathertron with the mercury capsules on it

hmm. can you take a picture of the heat pump circuit board and the thermostat and share them here?

having trouble getting the board picture. hard to make out where wires go. I will try

I’m mostly interested in the other end of that grey “B” wire right now.

This is at the air handler, or at the outside unit?
This isn’t the power source for the system, you can tell because the fuse is not there, It means the power is coming from the other unit.

Are the thermostat wires present in this box? I think this is just a fan control board.

this is the air handler. I took the fuse out to get a better view. it goes at the 5amp

With those 3 brown wires at C, which one of them goes to the thermostat?

Looking at the carrier install manual it shows this:

your wire colors at the thermostat are off, so i’d like to see where they are wirenutted into your system to verify that they are connected properly

the two others go to the wire harness and one appears to have two attachments spots on the same side of the harness.

The other runs through to the thermostat

Top brown wire goes here.

The one that goes to the thermostat… is what color on the thermostat?