Wyze Thermostat Compatibility Checker

Ah, the T wire. that’s your common then. Someone wired it up wrong in the past, but because that thermostat doesn’t need a common and T is unused, it didn’t hurt anything.

It powered up! now it tells me the * wire is missing

There might not be anything attached to that wire in your heat pump. Ignore it and see if it works.

should I take the x2 black wire out and cap it? It wont let me move forward in the set up

You can take the wire out and restart. You also can “try again”, and it should let you ignore the fault for now.

I skipped the step after checking it twice and its setting up now. Thank you Speadie! you are a life saver.


I’m really impressed with you, @speadie . Super knowledgeable and generous with your advice. I hope you don’t mind if I ask you a question in another thread, as I’m hoping to get my Wyze thermostat working on a three wire system…

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