Thermostat compatibility

I have a carrier EMI thermostat

Is this compatible

This is from the unit

Looks like it should be… Though I don’t see the blue C wire at one end

Your thermostat manufacturer have the wires labeled different on the thermostat. The labels on the control board are more accurate and you need to use these labels when completing the compatibility checker! It also looks like your thermostat looks like is not connected to this C-wire:
You should be able to connect the Wyze thermostat to that wire for power because it’s connected to your control board here:

Test all of those those wires in the compatibility checker and include the C-wire!

Edit: @Ken.S see the above picture, I’m pretty sure that the C-wire is there!:slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah it’s hard to tell from the dark pix, I was thinking it could be just inside the wall but it’s probably the wire you indicated


After doing some research I believe I may have what is called a communication thermostat, making this installation incompatible.

The system you have is not compatible with any other type of aftermarket t- stats. The interface(main stat) and sensors are a comunicating type system.It does not use 24 vac to control equipment.The system uses DC signals between interface and control board.

Is there a work around…?

Will this thermostat work as a replacement for the one in my apartment?All we control is the heat when the landlord turns it on. I only want this thermostat for ascetic reasons and because of the price.
I’ve included pics of my thermostat

The Wyze thermostat isn’t currently compatible with 2 wire systems.:slightly_frowning_face: your system has 3 so it may work.
Just to be sure, is there any labels on the wires? Your system wires may be compatible so you should still check them here: Wyze Thermostat Compatibility

No names on the wires (this thermostat is old as [Mod Edit] ). The only color wires I have after opening is Red , White and Green. From what little I know about electric… The Green is typically a ground wire, Red should be positive and I’ll assume the white one in this case is the negative.

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Then unfortunately your system isn’t compatible!:frowning:
@Chuan can confirm and give input.

Don’t assume anything when doing electrical work unless your a professional or have a wiring diagram/label.

Here’s a standard wiring diagram, red is typically the power, white is typically for heat. It’s possible the green is the C wire (common wire). Since you probably won’t have any access to the furnace control panel, you’d probably need to check your wiring with a volt meter. If you measure between red and green and have 24VAC, the Wyze thermostat may work for you.


Hi Ryan,
Do you have access to your Furnace/HVAC/Air handler unit in our basement? If you could look at the wires on its control board, we will have a better view of the wire names. It looks like you have R(ed), W (white), G(green) wires, which will require some reconfiguration to make the Wyze thermostat work. You need to disconnect your G wire on your HVAC control board and reconnect it to the C terminal.

  1. Use HVAC tech service will be the easiest solution.
  2. If you would like to DIY, please be sure the main power is off.
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Looks like these wires are not listed…



The wire labels in your control board are accurate. Try those. Take note of the wire color and match them up on your thermostat. I do also see that you have an unused C-wire, add that to the checker too.

Either way I will be purchasing this thermostat.

My question…

When I turn the power back on, will damage occur to the thermostat or wiring leading back to the board on the furnace if indeed this thermostat is incompatible?

Turning the power to the thermostat will not cause any damage unless you do it repeatedly(like 3 times in a second). The thermostat will connect back to your network automatically