Cabling for Trane GEVB02411T

Hi !!

I am trying to replace my old thermostat, but I am not sure the Wyze thermostat is compatible with this unit.

Any help highly appreciated!!
I am confused with the C cable and the best way to implement it :man_facepalming:


Additional Info!!

Additional info!

@dani, Welcome to the User Forum!

Let me first say I am not an electrician or an HVAC tech. I’m not going to tell you what wires to put where because I have no idea.

But… If you start the addition of the Wyze thermostat in the app, the setup wizard actually runs you thru the wiring diagrams and where to put what before you ever connect the thermo head.

BE SURE TO CUT THE POWER FIRST AT THE BREAKER. Unless of course you want to replace the fuse on the main board like I did. :man_facepalming:

Next, if the app doesn’t answer your questions as to wiring, check out the knowledge articles here:

At the splice point you posted, there is an unused black wire on one of the cables. Is there another unused wire in the other cable? It’s hard to tell from the image. Also, do you have an image from inside the air handler?