Thermostat external 24v supple

Hey all! Just bought (pending shipping) of the thermostat and (to be lazy) a 24 v supply. My understanding is that that attaches to the rh and c terminals. However, looks like my rh may be taken up when I install the new thermostat. Any ideas?

Honestly I don’t know anything about HVAC or these kinds of things, and the Wyze app walked me through it all pretty well. When you go through set up it will ask you to label all the wires and take a picture. It was ask you input what each wire is plugged into in your current device and then it will tell you where to plug those into the Wyze device. Sometimes they are in a different location that what your previous device was in.

I don’t remember what was different on mine offhand (because I didn’t really understand what the differences in the wires were), but I remember being surprised it told me to plug one or two of the wires into a totally different label to get it to work right. So say that one of them was labeled Z in my current device (I know that’s not an option, I’m just using it as an example)…instead of plugging into a “Z” terminal on the Wyze Device to match, it told me to plug it into a different one instead like “X” (I know that’s not an option either, I’m deliberately choosing letters that aren’t on the thermostat so I don’t have someone tell me something like “but you can’t switch G into Y” or whatever when I don’t know what any of those terminals are).

Point is, don’t worry about it too much, the App will walk you through it pretty well. You will tell it what your current setup is and it will tell you how to match it in the new device. :+1: Even though I’m a complete HVAC ignorant n00b, I was able to follow the instructions despite not having a clue what on earth I was doing. :rofl:

I hope that’s reassuring. It really does walk you through it pretty well.


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You can actually start the Install and run thru the compatibility checker and see the wiring requirements before you get the unit. Just try to add a thermostat in the app and walk thru it until it is time to unhook and hook up the new one.

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