Wyze Switch won't fit

I so very much want to love Wyze and their products (fixed incomer here) but I gotta say it’s been one problem after another. Installed 5 V3’s and it took forever to get it to stop recording every leaf blowing across the lawn. There should be an option to only record AI events (like there is with notifications). Then I installed a Color Bulb only to have it crash and become unreachable every time I tried to install the update. Not too big a deal since it seems to work just fine without the update, but still, an hour of my life wasted installing/attempt to update/delete, install/update/delete, install/update/delete, install WITHOUT recommended update. Today I went to install a Wyze Switch into a multi-switch box. No go. Absolutely won’t fit. I have Z-Wave switches in those boxes and they are tight, but doable. Wyze Switch no way. I guess this whole rant was to let folks know that the Wyze switch won’t fit into multi-switch boxes.

I have the wyze switches installed in multi-gang boxes. There was some need for wire cleaning and tucking, nothing crazy but was able to get them to fit fine.

Is there some clean up in your bundling that would help?
2 Gang

4 Gang

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I tried a 5-gang and a double and the switch wouldn’t fit in either. Cleaned up the wiring and tucked it all in behind the adjacent analog switches. No go. My boxes do have a 45-degree upper and lower back edge which seems to be causing the problem. My Z-Wave switches must be just a smidge less in depth than these Wyze switches. The only single gang light switches in this whole house are the non-master bedrooms, an office, and the dining room. Everything else is multi-gang, and of course, I only need these switches for circuits in the multi-gangs.

I was told by support that the switch would not fit my decor gang plate six switches. It looks better than the decor switches, easy peasy

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