Wyze Switch - Smart light switch

Are you saying you need to re-add it to the app just to turn it off? No, that shouldn’t be necessary. Once installed it should work like any other Wyze device – call it up to manipulate it (on/off), or set a rule, etc.

Wonder though if you could have an issue with your app that is causing it to want to reinstall over and over, like a corrupted document. Since settings are kept on the servers you should be able to delete & reinstall your app to see if that helps without any adverse issues.

We’ll, I’m saying when I manually turn the switch on, then off the light starts slow blinking and it’s in connect mode. It is one of three switches installed, so I’m dubious it’s an app issue. But apps do do some inexplicable things…

I guess uninstall/reinstall app is easier than physically installing the switch.

Ah, I see. The Switch isn’t going into connect mode, the Bulb is.

If you want to use a smart bulb in the socket, try “Smart Control” mode for Single Press. Then the Bulb stays powered 24/7 and smart commands are sent to turn it on and off. Or put a regular LED light bulb in the socket, and continue to use Classic Control.

It it a Wyze Bulb? Thing about those is they take THREE off/on cycles to go to slow blinking connect mode…

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No, not using a smart bulb. It is definitely the switch going into connect. I can tell because when I touch the + on the app it goes straight into steps to add the switch, and because I bypass the physical install steps. I wouldn’t use a smart bulb with a smart switch, that’s redundant smartness.

Actually I use a smart bulb with the switch because I wanted control over the brightness and color temp. I could probably find one on the market that fit what I was trying to accomplish, but not the same day I installed the switch. I use classic control because I just want it to return to last settings, and because classic control is slightly faster. :slight_smile:

Sounds like you may have a return on your hands.

If you use one or two brightnesses, you can program the presses of the switch as a sort of workaround. What I do for now is have the triple-press set to dim red, for nighttime use, and then double press sets it back to normal.
EDIT: Oh ha I didn’t read your question properly, you mean with regular dimmable bulbs? I use the wyze bulb and have preset brightnesses that way, but it would be nice like you say if there was a dimmer switch option.

Anyone installed these switches in an area line a bathroom where there are three switches next to each other? My bathroom has a switch for main lights over mirror, a switch for fan and a switch for light inside the fan. Will these allow you to put three of them next to each other line mother switches? They just look wider in the pictures for some reason.

I installed 2 switches in a three gang. Not in a bathroom, but in our foyer with outdoor floods, porch light and foyer overhead light. Mine had the neutrals all pulled together as addressed in the ste-by-step installation instructions. There was room left for a third, but I have no plans to install it. (I’m putting all outdoor lights on Wyze switches so I can turn on all outdoor lights with a single command rather than run around the house to all the switches).

Haven’t installed two side by side, but have installed into multi-gang boxes with other devices without major issue. Only additional advice I would add is to hope for deep boxes so you have room for the wiring. Some older boxes could be very tightly packed, which wouldn’t be a good thing.

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I came across this Amazon Dimmer Switch while browsing Amazon Basics. It is a great price. I’m wondering if anyone here has tried any of the Amazon switches out yet? And if so, what is your impression?

Surprisingly it only has 27 ratings for :star::star::star::star:. One of the one-star ratings says it doesn’t work in 3-way (it’s not supposed to).

Sorry if this has been posted.
If someone were to use a Wyze light switch for their outdoor potlights, has anyone/is it possible to have your Wyze Cams person detection communicate to energize the Wyze switch, to turn the potlights?

Thank you !

Yes, you can using rules, assuming you have Cam-Plus or person detection legacy, at least using a Wyze Cam. My Wyze doorbell only shows pressed or motion (I also have Cam Plus on the doorbell), but the v2, v3 and Pan Cams have many options (Person, motion, sound, smoke, and CO2)


What about European 220v switch?

Wyze markets only to the US at the moment. They are trying to expand that to Canada and Mexico, but progress has been slow. It may be awhile before other countries are added.

Do the switches require CSA or UL approval that delay Wyze to sell them in Canada?

I don’t know what regulatory approvals they must seek to sell items in Canada. I do not work for Wyze; I am just a another user of the forum like yourself. :slight_smile:

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I ended up switching to Wiz bulbs a while ago since they have a remote and the bulbs respond well when losing power. My older house doesn’t have overhead lighting and outlets are switch controlled.

“Deeper back box?”

If you’re overloading the capacity of the box, it may be due to the wall thickness. Older houses regularly used 2x3 wall studs for interior walls, so you cannot put a full-depth (actually volume) switch box in the wall.

The solution is to move up to a 3 or 4 gang box and use a 2 gang cover and blanking covers for the rest. This gives you a wider box for the wires. Massive pain to R&R but worth it.

4 gang box cover with 2 gang opening:

My old “dumb” switches had a lil light that would illuminate when the switches were off, to help you find them in the dark.

I wish I could configure in the Wyze app if I wanted the Wyze switch LED on when the light was off or on.

That’s exactly what my Leviton smart wall switches do. Very polished.