Wyze Switch - Product Ruined by Fragile Connection Terminals

No exaggeration, this is one of the worst designs I’ve ever seen. Sufficient testing before the item was released would have identified this issue.

These connection posts are incredibly fragile. A post became disconnected on two different switches within 15 minutes. The issue is compound because there is no easy way to try to fix them. They can’t be accessed due to being inside a plastic casing. Tiny Torx screws were used instead of Phillips heads presumably to keep people from removing it.

I see other people have complained about this as well.




Unfortunately, you are correct. One of the terminals on one of my Wyze Switches snapped off as well. I wasn’t even tightening the screw. I was loosening the screw on one of the terminals, and it just snapped! It appears the screw was screwed on too tight during the assembly process. When I went to loosen the screw, the terminal snapped as soon as I started loosening it. It’s frustrating, but Wyze has a good return policy. Just contact them and I’m sure they’ll send you a replacement.

That’s fine but let us hope this isn’t an overall product defect.

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It took awhile on the phone buy they are sending me a replacement. They didn’t seem interested in the design flaw though. The wire around a screw design has been around for a long time and has never failed me.

Sigh. Seems like a defect all right.

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Well, I’ve installed a total of 10 of these Wyze Switches and only one of them broke. You just have to be careful. If the screw is too tight, add some lubricant to it. That’s what I did after one of them broke.

Same problem here. A couple of the terminal screws were tightened by Hercules and, when I tried to loosen, the terminals snapped off. I got a T6 torx and cobbled it back together (with no soldering iron). It’s temporarily working but I suspect it will fail again at some inopportune time. It looks like there’s no solder on these terminals anyway. In any case, it’sa really bad design and shocking (no pun) that these could pass even a modicum of testing.


I suspect problems like this are why so many smart switches come with wire pigtails instead.


It is! It happened to me with two different orders of three switches. Out of six, two were usable and one hasn’t been tested yet. The other two in that box refused to budge and the terminals bent back so the screws are not facing where a screwdriver can meet them head on. This is ridiculous, and it’s been reported numerous times.