Provide pre-installed wires on the Wyze Switch

The wire screw terminals for Line, Load & Neutral on the Wyze switch are very weak. When tightening the screw, the terminal base too easily pulls loose from the internal mount and makes the switch inoperable. Adding pre-installed wires would solve this issue and make the switch more robust. The wires would attach to existing house wiring with simple wire nuts. Although this is not as much an issue for the ground terminal it would be simpler and consistent to pre-install a ground wire as well. Until then, I suggest installers remove the switch face by unscrewing the 4 torx size “6” screws then the switch face easily pulls off. Pre-install your own 3 wires by 1st griping the square terminal base with pliers before tightening down the terminal screw. Then reattach the face and install into the house electrical box. This will solve a lot of headaches.

I encourage you to go to a hardware store and get 2-3 feet of electrical cord and make yourself some short leads. Not everyone needs it, but you make a good point.
That’s how I solved the problem, and worked great.

I have a lot of the TP-Link smart switches that are designed this way with the wires already connected. The issue with this is that it adds a decent amount of extra material in the electrical box. Not really an issue with single gang boxes, but when you try to replace all switches in 2 or 3 gang boxes it becomes extremely tight. That’s why I was actually excited that Wyze used this design. I didn’t have any issue with the wires staying in, other than having 1 wire tip actually cutoff when tightening and fall into the switch box.

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