Wyze Switch, Single Pole or multiple?

I have previously posted, but now I have a bit more information and am asking for help. I will also add a drawing that might be of assistance.
I am installing a Wyze switch in my Foyer for porch lights. It is replacing a WEMO switch that is having problems. It is in a 2 Gang Box. The other switch in the box is a traditional switch that is for the Foyer light and has a second switch across the room for the same light. The Switch I plan to install is only for the Porch lights and there are no other switches for it. The box does have a neutral wire.
Now the issue and I really just need clarification if you would be so kind.
The manual light switch seems to provide the power to the WEMO and soon to be Wyze switch. The power/load wire comes from that switch and then goes on out of the box. It has a crimp in it where the insulation is removed and that is where i had it screwed into the WEMO. I didn’t remove the insulation; it was already done by the builder. My bad drawing is included.
So since the switch only supports one item, Porch Lights, but receives power from another switch, is it a Single Pole? If so, maybe i could simply connect another small power wire from it to connect to Wyze? Or is this considered a multi pole switch and I can’t use the Wyze switch on it?
I appreciate your assistance on this. Thank you

I think we solved this in: