Strange 2 gang box wiring

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First of all, i am clearly not an electrician. I am installing a Wyze switch. I have what i believe is called a 2 gang box. One is a simple on off switch. There are 2 switches that operate that particular light. The second switch is the one i had a WEMO smart switch that i want to replace with the Wyze switch. I do have a neutral wire. This switch only powers one item and not other switched do so i belive that means its a single pole switch. Now the issue. There is a wire that comes from the on off switch i mentioned through the box and connects to both switches. I labeled it load. It goes from the first switch to the WEMO switch. The exterior wire was removed to show the bare copper and connected to the switch. The switches operate independently. Now the issue. I try to place the wire which is simply bent into the Wyze switch holes and use a pliers to push it in then tighten. No blinking light. I changed load and line just in case but still didn’t work. I put back WEMO and it worked.
So, do i cut the line where the copper is and put both in the Wyze plug?

Can you sketch out a drawing of what is connected to what, or take some photos of the wiring and post.

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this is the wire I’m talking about. if i need to remove and take a photo let me know

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The Wyze switch needs to be powered 24/7, so you would need to provide it with a hot and neutral wire (usually black and white, respectively). Then you should get your blinking light.

It should also have a ground for safety (usually green), but that isn’t as operationally critical.

After that, you provide a wire to the load. That can be many colors, but red or black are common.

A voltmeter can help sort out what wire does what.

For a single-pole installation (of which this would be), there is only 1 light (load) per switch.

More questions, add some pictures of your working setup, and someone may be able to translate that to the Wyze Switch.

There is an installation video here:

Thank you so much. Got it! The wire that was crimped coming from the other switch to provide power was the issue. I simply took that wire and added a short wire extension then put it into the Wyze switch and it was perfect. All up and running.