Metal Mounting tabs on Wyze Switch

While installing my recently purchased Wyze Switch, I was extremely unimpressed with the plastic mounting tabs (ie where the screws would secure the switch to the electrical box). It also created a concern that the only means to connect the switch to the ground is via the ground terminal. Most switches and plugs that I am familiar with ground to those mounting tabs and could ground via the electrical box (assuming it’s metal and grounded). I do realize that in a potentially large number of installations, there would be a plastic electrical box used, which would invalidate the second part of this, however, in situations where there’s a considerable amount of wire, shallow box, and people who just like to force the situation (like myself) I think it would be quite beneficial for these tabs to be sturdier and not potentially break if to much force is applied in trying to get the switch into the box.

Of probably more import, if installing this switch in old work boxes (the plastic ones with the flip out tabs), you will have to use plain covers for these switches, the tab is to thick to allow most decorative switch covers to install and not leave a 1-2mm gap between the plate and wall. VERY disappointed on this part. If installing into new work boxes that are recessed into the wall, potentially you could install decorative plates correctly.

For what it is worth, I’ve had experience with at least 4 different smart switches, and they all had plastic mounting tabs.

I wasn’t surprised to see the pricey Lutron Caseta switches use metal, but I notice the GE myTouchSmart do as well, and those are are currently $50 for a 3 pack on Amazon, at least within striking distance of the Wyze.

Good Point, I have really only worked with the Wyze and Feit personally, I’ve been looking at Zooz for a long time, it’s justifying the entry price ($30 per switch plus a Zwave dongle that’s $10-20 depending on sales).

The Feit switches are the same price at Costco presently, and have metal tabs.

Wyze wall light switches that fit normal covers

This isn’t just an issue for Wyze, Almost every company making “smart” wall light switches has the same issue.

The design of the switch does not work with “screwless” switch covers or decorative covers. The issue is the mount tabs.

On a traditional switch, the tabs are metal and about 1mm thick.

On the Wyze switch (and pretty much all smart switches) they are plastic and about 4 mm thick.

If you use the cover that’s included, there is no issue, but if you have a 2 or 3 gang switch box, guess what? The smart switch makes it look like crap because it prevents the cover from contacting the wall.

Here is a traditional toggle switch. Notice the mounting tabs – thin metal.

Here is the Wyze smart switch. Notice the plastic mount tabs. They are about 3-4mm thick:

Attached is how the typical “smart” switch looks in a 3-gang switch box. For some reason almost ALL the companies making smart switches use the same mounting tab design.

The “smart” switch is recessed and prevents the cover from touching the wall, while the “dumb” switches sit flush under the cover.

Wyze: PLEASE change the design so the mounting tabs are the same as traditional light switches so your switch will fit properly.