Broken contacts on Wyze switch

I bought 3 Wyze switches. While the installing them, the contacts on two of them broke loose from their mountings inside the switch when I tightened them to secure the wire to the load and line contacts. I opened one since it was no longer functional and saw that it was not soldered, but only held in place by two small tabs that fit into a copper base. This is really a poor way to build a switch and one that is doomed to failure.

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Thank you ! I’ve been warning others about how cheaply made the switches are that they break easily . I went through 5 switches in one day bc the terminals broke , I installed the last one somewhat successfully but it’s unseated against the wall and I did a bad job but it works . I’m just not ready to spend like hours trying to fix it , a simple job that should take 15 minutes took me hours .

Idk why but the darn switches just don’t like me . I have a spare switch somewhere but I’m afraid to install that as well.

I took the broken one apart and was amazed & disappointed that Wyze had not soldered the contacts. They were simply pressed in with only two 3/16” wide and 1/16” thin tabs holding them in slots in the copper base. I can’t imagine how they think that this would hold up to tightening the screws to hold 14 gage wire. Pretty poor construction from my viewpoint.

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Have you contacted Support and let them know this happened to you? This is a user to user forum and although it is good to post here for community feedback and assistance, the official channel for health is contacting Support. I don’t know if you’re looking for replacement switches, but I think she at least contact them and let them know your experience so it can be documented, tracked, and sent off to the proper engineers or devs so hopefully this build issue can be looked into. Thanks in advance!


Yes, I have reported this to Wyze, but it seems to be a continuing problem, because I have since read reviews of others having the same problem. Frustrating that they haven’t fixed the faulty switches.