Wyze Switch - Dusk to Dawn and Dimming?

Installed a Wyze switch for dusk to dawn control of three can lights on my porch (BR30 bulbs).

I thought it was also a dimmer, but since it’s not I’m trying to figure out how to implement that.
Dusk to dawn operation is working, but does that come from the switch, the cloud or the app?
Want to make sure that schedule will continue to work when I’m away from home.

The dusk till dawn rule is a rule that is created on the App but ultimately is stored in the cloud.

You should be able to set a schedule rule to dim the bulbs (from the bulb) at your preferred days and times (or dusk to dawn) to compliment the on/off Dusk to Dawn rule at the switch

Or just create a single rule with the bulb on/off setting brightness.


If you create a Rule/Schedule, the schedule is stored in and executed from the cloud.

If you create a Local Schedule, the schedule is stored in and executed from the Switch:


Hmm, would the rule be able to dim “any” dimmable BR30 bulbs or only the Wyze Color bulbs?

Since the dusk to dawn rule is stored on / run from the cloud, I’m guessing it won’t happen if the switch loses internet?
Same question with a local schedule.

Thanks for the assistance!

For sure! Happy to help where we can.

You can dim any of the Wyze Bulbs, White (V1 and 2), Color Bulb, and BR30 using the Bulb rules.


Dusk to Dawn won’t run with no Internet via cloud-based Rule/Schedule.

Local Schedule will run with no Internet, but you’ll need WiFi in order for the locally stored schedule’s actions in the Switch to be communicated to the Wyze smart bulb(s).