I just started Using the Wyze Color Bulbs Last Night

I am using the Wyze Color Bulbs in sun match mode. I need them to help fall asleep at night. I turn off all my electronics and dim the bulbs way down too both in my bedroom and living room. Anyway I’m wondering how to schedule the actions of turning down and up the brightness when I need it to happen and now have to manually go into the app myself and also to turn off and on the bulb in the Bedroom. I’m in a 600 sqft Senior Apartment so I’m not young and have a bit of difficulty understanding how to deal with phone apps and such.

Do you want this to happen when you want, or at a certain time? If it’s at the same time each day, you can setup a rule in the app to turn the bulb on and off automatically. If it’s time is not set, say you want to stay up late one day or sleep in another day, then manually turn on the bulbs in app may be the best. Or do a mix of both, if you have your Mon through Fri routine is fairly on schedule, use rules for those days then leave the weekend off the rule so you can manually control the sat and sun days yourself

I want it to turn off at the same time every day and on the same every day. I have issues with sleep right now so I cannot afford to not be consistent for quite a while until my circadian rhythm becomes consistent again. I can’t do it differently on weekends then during the week. Plus that actually has never been my habit.

“If it’s at the same time each day.” This is exactly what I want how do I do it I don’t understand how to do it.