Does Any Wyze Bulb Do The Below

I’m looking for a bulb that I can dim way down 1hour to 30 minutes before I go to bed at night and and get rid of the blue light as well. Is this possible with any of the Wyze bulbs and if so which ones. During this time I also turn off all electronic devices including my TV and do meditation and other thing to help me get to and improve the quality of my sleep. I apologize but I didn’t understand the explanations about how the products work and this is important because I have not slept well for months and my sleep is just now improving. So I need something that does the above badly.

Unfortunately, I cannot answer about the blue light option, I do know you can always set the Color Daylight, etc. so in theory you can take away the blue light, but not 100% sure.

As for the timing, the only option I can see is Sleep Routine and then you can set Wake or Bedtime. Here are a few images. Basically, it will follow the time for bedtime until it is supposed to be turned off.

If I remember from my past use of the app and the first bulbs I can dim them manually in the app and also control the color but do I need the white bulb or one of the color bulbs to control the lighting color and get rid of as much blue light as possible at night.

I have both, I think the white bulb should suffice as you could set or use the Daylight, white, etc.

With the color bulb you can do the same, but you can also play with the colors. You can do the sleep routine in those as well. I personally have found using the Sun Match Mode seems to work well as it adjust the lighting based on the time of day. For me, it is easier on the eyes. This option is available on both Color and White.

Might be something to try. Again, not sure about the Blue Light, but when I use Sun Match Mode, it is less of an issue on my eyes.