Color Temperature By Time

Research has long been clear that blue lights in the evening and especially into the night are harmful to our sleep cycles, while blue lights help us wake up in the morning. With the Wyze Bulb, it would be cool to have a customizable setting where you can set up hours on the app for color transitions - perhaps you want it fully cool starting at 6am, then transition to a soft white around 9am, then start getting progressively warmer at 7pm until it’s totally orange at 9pm. That way, as you turn the bulb on and off, it automatically goes to the color temperature for the time of day.

That’s probably complicated to code - the simple solution is just to set maybe 4 times of day with temperatures, and maybe a 120 second fade when it gets to that time if the bulb is on.

This is already possible by use of a Schedule Rule, with one caveat. The ability to change the color temperature without turning on the bulb was temporarily removed in an app update. Restoring this ability is in development:

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