Custom brightness for Bulb when using timer

Is it possible to use the timer feature to set a countdown for the Wyze Bulb to turn on, but have it turn on at a custom brightness? As far as I can tell it will simply turn on at the last previous brightness level, and in order to change that you have to turn the light on. Thanks for any advice!

Are you able to make a scheduled rule instead? Within the rules you can define a brightness and temp. The timer function doesn’t have that much customizability but a rule doesn’t take that long to set up.

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You can do that and more with an Alexa routine. You can even fade in and out from your selected brightness and warmth. I don’t like the format for Wyze rules so I don’t use any of them.

I think this is what you may be looking for. If so, Wyze is currently working on it.