Wyze color bulbs schedule with same settings

So I love the Wyze color bulbs. Huge main issue. I setup the bulbs the way I like them … color brightness etc. I can create a shortcut that will turn them on just the way I left them. Perhaps I am missing something but now I want to have them turn on and off on a schedule. Sure I can do each bulb or a group of bulbs on a schedule but I have to set brightness and color. I like to change the lights for numerous reasons. Holidays / Birthdays etc. Why can’t I just have the lights turn on with a schedule the way I left them. Perhaps I am just not finding what I need, Any help would be great!!

In the same place you created the “shortcut”, create a " schedule" instead. So far the settings are only on par with the original Wyze bulb, but the color specific settings are coming soon.

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Any timeline when the color specific settings are coming to shortcut, schedule and/or trigger events? I got the color bulb for this reason.

I would like to have open scheduling so that I can set multiple on/off events for each bulb or group. That is also why I would like to see a desktop app – to see the daily schedules of devices in one view on a larger screen.