Scheduling (Automating) Bulbs

I’m not able to turn the bulbs on and off by schedule using the shortcuts method.

I received my bulbs the other day and set three of them up and can control them with the Wyze App. I also linked them to Alexa (only after disabling and then enabling the Wyze skill in Alexa). However when I created a shortcut (scheduled) to turn all three of them on and another to turn all three of them off it did execute. Each shortcut had 3 actions either turning on or off each of the bulbs. (I also put the bulbs in a group but did not use this for the shortcut.) When I turn off automation and just select the shortcut they work–only the scheduling feature does not seem to work.

I have since created two new shortcuts referencing the bulb group so that each shortcut contains a single action turning on or off the group. We’ll see later if this works.

Anyone try this: no sensors, multiple actions on a bulb in a scheduled shortcut? Thanks.

Edit: Putting all the bulbs into a group and scheduling the group for a time (1 action) seemed to work for turning them on. Only gliche, they came on exactly 2 minutes late (timestamp of video versus scheduled time). We’ll see if they go off as scheduled (or two minutes past).

Edit: They turned off as a group but this time 1’:45" after the scheduled time again based on the camera time verus scheduled time. The camera time seems to be accurate to 1 second. Could all of this be caused by back end delays in sending out the commands?

Edit: Bulbs turned off after only a minute this time. Suggests a backend backlog. I changed my times to be off hour marks. Will see if this makes a difference.

Edit: Moved the scheduling times to 7 minutes after the hour. Only a 12 second delay was experienced.

OK, I’ve decided that the issue has been delayed action on turning the bulbs on and off when scheduled. The delay can be over 2 minutes and as little as 12 seconds but it does vary from day to day and also what time you pick. At this point it doesn’t matter whether you turn on each bulb in a group or the group–there still is a delay.