Scheduled Operation Of Lightbulbs Not Reliable

My three bulbs use rules/schedules to turn themselves on and off (as a group). Last night they did not turn on or off. The previous night they did not turn on but did turn off. Other nights I have had some of them turn off but not all of them. My WiFi is good and the bulbs are close by. When I turn the group on or off the bulbs respond immediately which is what I have to do after waiting 5 minutes or longer.

I have other devices by other vendors (plugs) which scheduled operation and this never happens. I wish Wyze would get their act together and provide reliable operation of their products before adding new ones or new features. I am starting to see fairly inexpensive smart bulbs available even at places like Costco.

It would be nice for Wyze to create a user viewable log of sorts for each device. For example for bulbs it would list when the bulbs were turned on/off, rebooted, changed brightness etc. It might help determine what is going on. I know Wyze does provide a log of sorts–I would be interest in knowing how to get to this. Thanks.

Last night they didn’t turn on but they turned off. I deleted the rule for turning on and added it back in.

We’ll see what happens but I suspect Wyze is having problems with their back end servers. I’m sure Wyze is aware of the extent of these problems.