Wyze bulb schedules

Need to set schedule for on/off by local time not by on in 2 hours and off in 6 hours or dust to dawn.


Agreed… Need to be able to set a start time and end time for your local time. I thought that would already be there so that’s disappointing.

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Agree that it should be built into the app. That said, you could do an IFTTT recipe for it. Use Date/Time as the trigger to turn the bulbs on/off.

I have bulbs turn on and off via local time using shortcuts. Super easy to do and I never have to flick a switch anymore. Porch lights are on their own schedule, inside lights on another.

Glad you figured it out. Do you mind sharing your super easy method?

Up at the top of the app, create a shortcut. From there click the automate slider and set the schedule you want for your bulbs. Then just pick each bulb and select the action you want performed at the time you selected.


I want to use my wyze motion sensors to have my wyze bulbs turn on and then off after 10 mins of no motion. I also want to this to work only from 6 to 10pm…i can get the motion stuff to work, but not the time frames…any ideas?


this would be SUPER easy if you could communicate with Wyze bulbs on the local network, i really hope they open up control

I have to agree with this too. I really expected a schedule functionality right out of the box. All the other smart plugs and smart lights I have tried had this capability. It was quite a shock to see only 2 4 6 hours off timer and not a schedule.

Yes if may be possible with IFTTT, but it should be baked in