Bulb Scheduling

Disappointed cannot not do very much with Wyze bulb and native app.
At a minimum, I would like (expect) a scheduling capability.

I.e. turn on light mon-fri 6am, turn off 8am. ; everyday, turn on light at sunset, turn off at 10pm.

I can do this with other smart bulbs/apps.

I’d like to be able to do with the app instead of IFTTT…

You can accomplish this in the Wyze app already.



Read through the guides , you will probably find out what you’re looking for

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While there is scheduling based on time of day, I would like to be able to use sunset and sunrise as triggers. If this then that allows this as well as my KASA bulbs.

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Thanks all.
Holy cow!
As a world class intuitive/ ease of use experience with cameras and sensors and all…this is horrible.
Not easy to find. Not intuitive to program. Fairly arcane.
(Still love Wyze)

I would also like sunrise/sunset but using weather underground as a trigger in IFTTT works well enough, the only downside is you cannot assign groups to turn on so you have to make rules for each individual bulb and they turn on in sequence. When you assign a shortcut in the Wyze app, it will turn them on simultaneous. I do this for motion detection for room lighting currently because it’s 5 times faster than going through IFTTT.

Exposing groups to IFTTT would be beneficial.

I am using Weather Underground and sunrise/sunset, however, you can’t say sunrise/sunset plus or minus time. Other bulbs I have, KASA for one and LIFX allow this within the app.

I’m marking this as launched since we do have scheduling available. Sorry it was so tricky! I’ll report this to the team.

You may want to vote for sunrise/sunset triggers instead. :slight_smile:


You can vote for sunrise/sunset triggers here: Sunset, sunrise (dusk, dawn) trigger for rules


The Wyze app needs Sunrise & Sunset options. Both Alexa & Google have the option of turning on at Sunset and off at Sunrise.

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One thing is missing in scheduling.

I would like to see the ability to schedule with Sunset and Sunrise for my location (I have noticed this feature in other smart apps).

Also, in the scheduling/rules there needs to be a WAIT command.
For example… if ‘this’ happens, turn on the light, WAIT 10 minutes then off the light.


We’ve been told there’s some progress being made on this.