Wyze Bulb Wishlist

Make these puppies smarter and more useful with schedules and triggers!

  • Set schedule using ON time and OFF time
  • Set schedule dusk to dawn
  • Turn on/off/scene (triggered) on Wyze Motion Sensor alert
  • Turn on/off/scene (triggered) on Wyze Contact Sensor alert
  • Turn on/off/scene (triggered) on Wyze Cam motion detection
  • Turn on/off/scene (triggered) on Wyze Cam person detection
  • Alarm mode (special scene maybe?) - flash or soft pulse if Wyze Cams detect CO2/Smoke alarm

Love the devices Wyze, keep it up!

You can set an on/off schedule for the bulbs using the Shortcuts feature of the app. For information on how to set up shortcuts, enter “shortcuts” in the search box after clicking the Support link, top right of this page.

Similarly, you can use Shortcuts to trigger on/off/brightness/color temp based on Wyze Sense or Camera events.

An existing #wishlist topic for dusk/dawn triggers can be found here: Sunset, sunrise (dusk, dawn) trigger for shortcuts / rules.

For the flashing/pulsing bulb mode (to be triggered by a shortcut), please submit that as a stand-alone submission for the #wishlist.

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It won’t automatically change with sunrise and sunset but , I have some of my bulbs set to turn on at 8:30 pm and turn off at 7 AM , EST, works perfectly

Yep, somehow missed shortcuts! Working as intended. Thanks!

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That’s cool :sunglasses: