Ifttt how to have some bulbs on at sunset but not all

Im still a newbie to ifttt. Is there a way I can use the bulb on at sunset to turn on some bulbs but not others?

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Are you using a Wyze bulb? If so you can create a rule, in the Wyze app, and have your bulb turn on at any given time, or day.

I use IFTTT to incorporate other manufacturers bulbs / device to work with my Wyze products

Sadly wyze doesnt have the ability to turn on at sunset though

Gotcha, I’m not nearly as familiar with Wyze rules.

It’s an easy setup with IFTTT. I use the “Weather Underground” for some of my applets. I just checked, and it has a sun rise / sun set setting. Just connect Wyze and choose the bulb. You may have to make a few different applets depending on how many bulbs you want to come on. You may also be able to group them in the Wyze app and just select the group instead of a single bulb.

Let me know if you need help. I feel like I’m pretty good with IFTTT

ahh, thanks! I didn’t realize I could generate my own and select a bulb for each. Thanks!

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