IFTTT Sunrise/Sunset Applet Help

Need some help with IFTTT. I am using a couple of Weather Underground applets to turn on and off a Wyze bulb at sunset and sunrise. They are supposed to fire within 15 minutes in my local time.

But, since 9/20, they have been running over an hour late. Is it possible they are confused about daylight saving time here in Wisconsin?

I looked at their setup and it seems good. But, I don’t know much about how IFTTT actually works. Here is the link to the applets: Weather Underground works better with IFTTT

I had posted this topic to the FB Wyze Core Community and only got a single snarky comment about how great some other product works and to get better hardware.

I know I can set up a “backward off/on” schedule in the Wyze scheduling screen, but I would have to update it to account for the changing sunrise/sunset times. And until Wyze adds that feature to their scheduling controls, I would like help figuring out why the IFTTT applets are not working properly.


Hi @mvb,
In case you havent voted for it, I put the link to incorporate sunrise/sunset functionality below. Daylight savings doesn’t change again Nov 3rd, so I am not sure why it would be having a problem since 9/20?? I would probably start by making sure everything is in the current time zone, including the Weather Underground applet. Then I would delete the applet and start from scratch again. Please let us know what you find.


Thanks @steve4335 for the ideas.

I have voted for the sunrise/sunset wishlist item.

I checked the applet again and it is supposed to determine the sunrise and sunset based on my location. The map in the applet showed the correct address. I went ahead and deleted both applets and tried to set everything up from scratch again. However, there seems to be a problem with the Wyze/IFTTT connection, because when I went to select the device, I got a message that “Options Unavailable”, And cannot go any further.

I am hoping this issue is due to the maintenance I read about. I’ll try again later.

More than likely the problem you’re seeing with the hour delay is IFTTT, and not Wyze. It’s typical to see delays in response with their service.

@DreadPirateRush, I agree, it is a IFTTT issue. I was hoping to tap into the IFTTT expertise in this group. When I looked at the activity log on the IFTTT site, it shows exactly when the applet ran, but it also shows the actual sunrise/sunset time for my location.

But now the problem is that I can’t link a Wyze action to the Weather Underground trigger. I’ve been trying all day and the same “Options Unavailable” message is shown in the devices drop down menu.

I’ve reverted back to my set time schedule for now. I guess I’ll try contacting IFTTT support for help.

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Yes, it is extremely frustrating. I had a SkyBell / Kasa applet that would fire 5-6 hours later. UGH

I am having the same problem with IFTTT and Wyze plug. I continue to get the message no options available. Any solutions in the works?

Try going into the WYZE service on IFTTT and connecting it again, sometimes that will do the trick

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I was able to recreate my applets. Thanks for the idea. Now, hopefully, they’ll work properly for more than a week.