Is IFTT working with the latest Beta release and WU? Any pointers?

After reading this I thought darn, that’s neat.

I’d like to set up several V2’s to do similar and catch time lapses.
Any pointers? Suggestions?
/edit - I have no experience with IFTT but plenty of time to learn, though I would prefer to just copy and tweak others scripts :slight_smile:

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@gemniii, I wish I could give you some help, but someone else had first created these applets for me. I’ve had to recreate them a couple of times. But that’s about it.

That being said, I’m thinking you want to use some IFTTT applets to capture sunrises or sunsets? I was looking at the actions you can take with Wyze devices and didn’t see anything that would setup a time lapse recording. But, there is a place where you can request that something like that be made. But, you may be able to recreate a script to do that. I’m just not the guy for that job.

I did see that you can schedule a time lapse recording in the Wyze app itself, but I think it’s probably a one time thing and you would have to reschedule it every day.