Any way to set up a wyze plug as a dusk to dawn light?

I have several wyze cams and I picked up some of the smart plugs for a light post in the front yard that plugs in inside the garage. Right now I have the plug working to control the light from the app, but is there any way to automate some sort of dusk to dawn schedule for the light that automatically adjusts for the changing daylight?

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If you wanted that function now, you can make a Alexa routine or IFTTT applet. There might be other 3rd party services but I only have experience with these.


Yup, Alexa has this built in and knows where you live. I’ve never tried it though.

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I’m using a Weather Underground IFTTT applet for one of my Wyze bulbs. I’m sure you could do the same with a plug.


I got it working through the Alexa app and it has been working flawlessly! Thanks for the help