Sunset to Sunrise but ALSO 5 minute trigger that RETURNS to sunset to sunrise

I have a BR30 bulb. I want it to turn on (dim) at sunset and off at sunrise. I used a rule.

But I also set a trigger to turn on (full) based on doorbell person detect for 5 minutes.

Every morning when I come out (before sunrise) I find the bulb is off. I am assuming that the trigger 5 min timer simply turns it off and the sunset-sunrise automation is now skipped until the following sunset when it runs again.

How can I get the bulb to return to the sunrise-sunset rule after a trigger?

Can you add a second “ending” function so we can have one be “full brightness bulb off” and second be “re-run xyz rule” to force the app to restore the overnight dim light? I don’t think creating 100s of rules that turns the light on “dim” until Sunrise every minute in case someone walked up to my door overnight is practical.

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It’s not so much that the sunrise-sunset automation is being skipped, but rather that the bulb simply follows the last command that it gets - which in this case is the turn off after the 5 minutes. The sunrise-sunset rule simply sends two commands - one to turn on the light (dim) and later to turn it off. There is no command happening to keep it dim.

I don’t have any bulbs so have never looked at the rules for them. Can you set a parameter of the after 5 minute turn off to have it behave differently at certain times of day. For example, at the end of 5 minutes, and it’s between 1900 and 0600, set to dim, but other times turn off?

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Having such an if-then option on the ‘end’ option would be good but I didn’t see one. I understand the reasoning behind the logic stream just using the most recent command but it basically foils any overnight functionality.

I’m hoping the dev team can do something. So much of their infrastructure is quite good and they seem responsive to customer demands. We’ll see.

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While asking the Wyze Dev Team to integrate complex If\Then And\Or logic into the Rules Engine is needed and has been done hundreds of times already, it isn’t going to provide a fix any time soon.

What you will need to do is to add one more Trigger\Action Rule to counter the first 5m Person Detection Rule triggering it to full brightness for 5m then turning it off.

Trigger: When BR30 Bulb Turns Off
Action: Turn On BR30, Set Brightness to X% (same as the dim Sunset\Sunrise rule)
Time: X minutes After Sunset and X minutes Before Sunrise. You will want this rule stop working just before the first rule turns the bulb off at Sunrise.

I will re-read this and look into adding a rule like this when I get some time this weekend. Thanks for the help

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I just installed the Floodlight Pro, and discovered the trigger option in the process. I’d moved the narrower angle camera previously installed over the driveway, to next to the garage.
I set up the trigger to turn on the driveway floodlight.
Set the dusk-to-dawn. Tripped the trigger, worked! Only now the floodlight won’t go off, again, seeing as how it’s still night time.
Only I power cycled it, after deleting the trigger. Too bad.

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The Floodlight Pro currently has a limitation within the Rules Engine until such time as they add a “Turn On For” Action or “Has been on for” Trigger. When a Rule activates the lights, they stay on.

I use an Alexa Routine to turn them off after a 5m wait.