Wyze switch and hue bulbs

Will the switch work with hue bulbs and does the bridge for hue still have to be connected for them to work.

When you say "Hue, are you talking about Philip’s Hue Bulbs?

From what I recall, the single press defaults to add power or remove power entirely to the bulb sockets, which means that no bulbs can work while there is no power.

However, Wyze does have a double press and a long press option on the switch, and you may be able to use the smart functions of the bulbs in conjunction with Google/Alexa/IFTTT to be able to control the Phillips Hue Bulbs through the Wyze switch.

I don’t have a neutral wire though, so I haven’t been able to absolutely verify that. Let me ask if one of the @Mavens can confirm whether Google/Alexa/IFTTT rules could be used to do as your asking.

Regardless, if you remove your hub from the hue bulbs, I believe they will still turn on and off, but they would lose all their smart functions.


So using the switch. actually cuts power to the lights just as if it were a simple toggle switch from the 90s. So if you turn off the smart switch using either the app or by pressing on it, the light bulb has no power and loses all of its connectivity.

I actually just changed up the setup in my office at home, so I have a Wyze Switch and I don’t even use the single press option that would cut the power to the bulbs. because I use our colored bulbs in both the light it controls I. use the additional controls such as the double press, the triple press and the press and hold to control the bulbs as well as a lot of other controls in the house, I have a switch in my garage that I use to close my garage door as well… for the one in the garage pressing at once will turn on or off the lights in the garage, but the double press closes my garage door. I found that to be my best use scenario out there, but in my office I don’t even use the single press. Sadly I don’t use hue so I’m very unfamiliar and I can’t give further advice there other than to say that pressing the button on the switch shuts power off to the lights or restores it. not good for smart bulbs generally.