Wyze Switch - Add configurable timer for auto on/off

Add TIMER to the switch to make it automatically shut off after a certain time, like 5 minutes.

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You can make a rule to do that. and about 100 other things.

How? With Device Trigger?

Rules - - > Create Rule - - > Device Trigger.

Hit the + symbol next to “Device Trigger” and go select your plug… you should have an option for “Has been on for…”. Select that and choose the time (5 min).

Then hit the + symbol next to “Action”. Select the same plug and choose to “Turn Off”.

You can add a time window if you want.

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Wyze Switch timer (turn off after x time)

My kids turn ON the garage light, But almost always forget to trun it OFF… I’d love to hav it turn off automatically after say 20 min.

Now the garage has a WYZE swtich, but I do not see any way to program it to auto turn of after X minutes/hours? I can schedule it to turn off every 30 min…?

@HappyMud, Earl.Automation gave some great instructions to do this. Have you tried creating a “Device Trigger” rule? See below.

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Perfect! Thanks!

How did this work?
I just set mine up but I also have schedules for sunset till 8 or 10pm (day and season depending)
So will it turn on at sunset then off after 30 min?
I need it to only turn off if pressed

I also want to turn on and sunset for a set time say sunset for 2hr then off

great ideas for smart switch, PLEASE UPDATE! easy!

I bought a 3 pack of smart switches.
I’ve only use one, where I really wanted it. Works great, but could be better…

where: bathroom fan

Now, i leave the bathroom after a shower and say, “ok google, turn off ‘bath fan’ in 3 mins”.

I see that there are more functions I can set up for a long press, or double/triple press etc, but that just controls other things. I want a long press for ‘n’ number of mins. A double press for 5 mins, triple press for 8 mins, etc. My wife takes way longer/hotter showers than I do and thus the fan needs to run longer. This would be awesome! And likely simple to program in.