Trigger for less than 30 seconds in Wyze App

I have a Wyze Plug that I am using in conjunction with an AC Relay for opening/closing a garage door. I setup a trigger to automatically turn off the switch (to turn off the relay) after having it on for 30 seconds. I tried setting the rule to turn off the switch after 20 seconds, but I noticed if I set any amount of time less than 30 seconds then the App automatically adds 1 minute to the time. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks.

If I am understanding what you are trying to do, this works on my setup. An I right or missing something?

If I edit the rule and try to select 20 seconds, when I save the time changes to 1:20 (1 minute 20 seconds) However I just tried it again and it it now saving as just 20 second for the trigger. I guess it’s working now at least for me.


TOMP, what app are you using in this image? I am using android and I don’t have near the options that you have. Mine is just basic, turn on and off.