Double/Triple quick time tap option

Is there a way to use the double/triple tap on the Wyze Switch to set a timer. For example: Use it for a bathroom fan to set a 5 or 10 min timer. Without having to go into the app.
If this is not an option, maybe it should be in a future update. Wyze, are you listening?

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Welcome to the user-to-user forum, @dna7sfh!

So Iā€™m assuming you want to use the switch to control your bathroom fan? And you want it to turn itself off after 5-10 minutes?

You can do that! You would wire the fan to the switch and use Classic Control (controls dumb devices using just 120VAC).

Then you would create a rule that says if the switch has been on for x minutes, turn off the switch.


@Newshound thank you, that is helpful. Hopefully in the future we will get the tap feature.

Thanks again

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You can tap it to off anytime you want. :wink: