Wyze smart plug for bath fan, AWESOME! "ok google, turn off bath fan in 5 mins" but

The smart plug has more functions if you long press, double/triple press the switch.
Ok great, but those can’t be programed for an amount of time.

Wouldn’t it be great to set it up so you can double press for 5 mins of bath fan running
and triple press for like 8 mins of fan running?

I think they should think about every single room and everything in that room and how they can add functionality. Vote this up so they see it pls pls pls!

Dave from Michigan

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Nice suggestion, but you will want to post this in the Wishlist. How to Use the Wishlist
Then folks can vote, but give it a quick search, this may be out there… then you can vote for it. :+1:t4:

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