Countdown timer for smart plug

Would like to say Hey google hot water and have the plug come on for three minutes and then go off for a recirc pump operation

Hello @Oso,
I found a useful article in the forum, please refer to the post below, once you have your device set up with your google home assistant you can set up events from within the app. with in googles limitations.

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Thanks, did know it will work with google home. But want to be use it for specific countdown function. Not all are able. Found one by teckin that does countdown timer in their software and also works with google.
Most have schedules like turn on at 8 am off at 830 am. But what I would like to do is get hot water on demand circulated. I could always turn on with voice but then have to remember to turn off 3 minutes later. May have to stick with the teckin. Like my wyze cams so thought their plug might be worth exploring.

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I have converted this to a #wishlist topic. :slight_smile:

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Okay . So does not do a countdown timer at this time.
Did not want order if it does not do that.
So that answers my question

Would say that title is inaccurate for the discussion.
I think it already does activate using google assistant
Countdown is a different feature than turning off or turn on schedule
Unless you are saying it does not activate via an assistant of alexa now.
Title should be
add countdown feature to smart plug.

Changed title

The plug already has a timer (countdown) option in the app. What I think you are asking for is the ability to activate that timer through a Google Assistant command. Is that accurate? If so, the title probably needs to state just the latter. :slight_smile:

@Oso wants to be able to trigger a power off after a duration of time. So when “hey google turn on plug” Happens. it triggers the Wyze came to turn on, but then turn off after a set duration, in this example 3 minutes.

“Ok Google Turn on Plug” - Result: Wyze Plug turns on, and then the Wyze Plug will then turn off after the set duration in 3 minutes without having to issue another command.

Just trying to sum up, I currently do this, but its a way over engineered solution for this, having IFTTT create an event on a local webserver in my home that sees" if plug (living room) is on delay 15 Min: turn off plug" (that’s not the command just simplified the idea for it to make sense)

Was asking both. Could not find a manual or way to see if countdown timer can be set. For example for three minutes.
Not at a specific time?
If it has that countdown feature why would it not already work to just say hey google turn on plug and it would go off automatically after three minutes? Thats what a countdown timer does. Why would it have that in app already and not work?
Just to clarify Not talking about a set schedule. For example the plug comes on at 0800 and turns off at 0803.

You can schedule times for the plug to turn off an on, but I am not aware of an " Auto time to turn off" after a manual voice requests to turn it on was issued.

Maybe someone else knows something I don’t know :wink:

OK, let me try to see if I understand completely now.


“Hey Google, turn on Wyze plug 1 for three minutes at 8pm.”

or alternately activate a Google Assistant routine which turns on your pump for three minutes.

“Hey Google, Hot Water”

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You are correct, but google currently does not support that type of routine, You are only able to set a routine "When “hey google Hot Water” - Set a time and day- Turn on Wyze Plug 1 - . There is no feature from within google home to have it turn it off after the 3 minutes you want it on for.

Just about every plug can do a schedule. That is what they all good at.
A “countdown” is not as common. The teckin for example has ability in the smart life app for owner to designate a countdown time as wanted default. I set three minutes. Then when ever I want to turn something on and then go off after that many minutes. I can activate the plug thru google command. But do it only when needed, not at a set time. I use it to turn on a recirc pump connected to hot water. Whenever i want hot water, not at set time can use it. Have friends looking for similar feature to use. Thought would check wyze for possibility. Sounds like it does not have that as a possible

I also have both the Teckin and Wyze plugs. I don’t have time to look into this now, but hope to play around with them both tonight and see what you’re talking about. Thanks for bringing this up.

BTW, I’m still contemplating the title on this topic.

Thanks for helping. Just have no way of checking Wyze capabilities before recommending for that purpose.
On teckin, it looks like I set it up using “scenerio”

Yes, I saw that ‘scenario’ option and figured that’s how you did it. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Side note: Do you have any Wyze plugs?

Not yet. Have several cams. Was trying to find plugs with countdown.
Would love to kiss and use wyze

I have the plugs but haven’t installed them yet but isn’t there a device trigger in the app that would do the shut off? “If plug is on for 3 minutes, turn off”? Then make an IFTTT trigger to have Google recognize hot water as the plug?

I too would like this. I’ve got a smart plug. I’ve got Google Assistant. I’ve got a sprnkler valve screwed onto an outside faucet with a dc power supply plugged into the smart plug. I’ve named the plug “sprnkler” and because some days it rains and other days it does not I’d love to be able to say “hey Google, turn sprinkler on for 15 minutes”. Instead I say “hey Google turn on sprnkler. Set timer for 15 minutes” and when the timer goes off I say “hey Google turn sprnkler off”. Btw, valve was $12 and power adapter was $13 on Amazon .

Taking a water sensor and adding that to the mix might help automate things on dry days.