Use Wyze Plug with Google Assistant to have a light turn on for 30 minutes, then turn off

Hi, I just got the Wyze plug and I have it connected to a lamp. I am using a Google Home Mini to control it by voice. I want to be able to tell the Google Assistant to turn on the lamp for 30 minutes (or whatever time) and then turn off the light automatically. I’ve tried different commands with the Assistant, but nothing works. The light comes on but goes off immediately when I try to tell it to wait. I know you can set a timer using the Wyze app, but I hope there is a way to do this with the Assistant through voice command. Thanks for any help.

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While I am not sure on the specifics of how Google Assistant works, I found that Google Assistant (home/etc) has routines (similar to Alexa Routines).

With routines, you are able to set a set of actions from a trigger you specify (e.g. you say “hey Google, start my day” - lights turn on, music starts going, fan goes on, etc).

Let me know how it goes! :slight_smile:


I tried that, but it doesn’t seem to work.
I made a routine and added 3 actions:

  1. Turn on lights
  2. Wait 15 minutes
  3. Turn off lights
    What actually happens is it turns on the lights, sets a 15 minute time and immediately turns off the lights.

Two methods

Turn off after given amount of time every time.

Use the normal “turn light on” routine from Google assistant or home.
Set up a rule in the Wyse app that will turn it off after it’s been on for 30 minutes or whatever.
Rule for the plug called light:
Select the device you want to trigger this rule (plug called light)
Trigger when Wyse plug(plug called light) has been on for 30 minutes.
Turn off (plug called light)
Upon saving you will see the message:
The trigger and the action are for the same device. Are you sure you want to proceed?
Answer: click on Proceed

Now the Wyze app will turn the light off after 30 minutes no matter how you turned it on including using voice and Google home or assistant.

Turn on and then instruct to turn off in so many minutes or hours.

Be sure and set up the plug as a light in the settings for the device in Google home.
Issue two separate commands
“Hey Google, turn on the light”
then: when the light is on
“Hey Google, turn off the light in 30 minutes”(any number of hours or minutes)