Wyze support website can't login with code sent via text if on iphone

Whenever I try to log into the Wyze support forums from my iphone, I get a verification text sent…but whenever I enter the code it says it’s not valid. However, if I log in from a web browser from a computer, and have the code sent to my phone, I can log in just fine. Why would it not be accepting the verification codes just when trying to log in via safari browser on the iphone?

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I get this a lot as well.

Usually I’ll just wait about a few seconds and click to send the code again and usually the next code should be valid and let you get in

nope, tried 3 times with 3 different codes and wouldn’t work. Something seems wonky with their Safari compatibility

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Wait about 30 minutes or so and try again .

It’ll work . Sometimes the websites and apps act funny for some reason . I’ve been locked out before and just waiting a while should work

There is definitely something wrong with Wyze’s website to authenticate text codes into Safari…
Because if I log in using a regular PC browser, it works fine
But it will never accept the texted codes when sent to my iphone and trying to log into the forum on Safari on the iphone

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Same on duck duck go .

Every now and then when I’m attempting to log into my forum account and get sent the code through text it’ll say it’s invalid . Can be very annoying

Per Wyze support, clearing the Safari Browser cache on the iPhone did the trick. Was able to log in with the verification code after that.


Good to know , hopefully this will help other safari users . Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: