Cannot login to forum(s) this morning using iPad

For some reason I cannot login to the Wyze Community forum(s) this morning from my iPad. I’ve double-checked the password and it’s correct. After entering email address and p/w I’m greeted with, “Sorry, there was an error authorizing your account. Perhaps you did not approve authorization?”. Can someone from Wyze help out? I can login from my old Nexus 10 Android tablet just fine, which is what I’m using now. Thanks.

I couldn’t login with any devices. I am on my PC now. I messaged @Loki as well as Wyze support. Hopefully they can fix Apple related products. I am still getting an authentication error when trying from my iPhone.


I am in contact with Wyze about this. There was a problem related to redirecting everything from to Most of it has been resolved, but apparently not for iOS devices. I can’t log in from my iOS devices either. Thanks for the info about the Nexus tablet; that’s helpful.


and here i thought the IT guys at work blocked the site last night.

Hi everyone,

We are working quickly to resolve this issue, There was a change as we moved to which caused some issues last night and they were resolved however it appears that iOS devices (as @Loki mentioned) are still having some troubles. As soon as this is resolved I will let everyone know. Thank you for the feedback.

@Bam I am glad that that’s not the case


@WyzeAnthony … As you probably already know, I still cannot login to the forum(s) with my iPad. Just a guess, but I’m starting to feel that if this were an issue affecting Team Android customers, it would have been observed/corrected prior to release, or at least have been seen as more urgent. My $0.02 …

We found the cause of this issue and it has to do with cross domain authentication. While we get this in place we have reverted to so that users no longer have this issue. When we have the new authentication system ready to go we will migrate to


Thanks @WyzeAnthony I appreciate the explanation (writing this from my iPad).