I cannot login in IOS app but can login on Android and Web

Hi Support,

I cannot login onIOS app (both iPhone and iPad) but I can login on Android and Web.

The problem just came recently, before was OK.



Are you using a vpn? Can you try a diffrent network

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That is strange especially since you’re using 2 different iOS devices. My first instinct was to have you try deleting the app from iOS and reinstalling so it is a fresh install (ie: just in case some of the data got corrupted somehow or something, maybe a bad sector on the phone’s drive or something). See if that helps…but if you’re having the issue on 2 different devices, then that is unlikely to be the problem.

Did you recently enable 2 Factor Authentication? (Text message code or Authenticator App code?). When I did this, some of my Wyze apps on other older devices seemed to act weird until I uninstalled them and re-installed them, or logged out first, then it recognized they changed.

You could also reach out to support: