App not accepting password

iPhone gives login fail. My desktop and iPad allowed log in. I changed pass and confirmed good on other devices and I deleted and reinstalled and app on phone, rebooted, but it yet fails log in.
Anyone familiar? My iPhone is reaching out fine for other apps. No other issues on iPhone - just wyze app.
Odd, annoying and needing some quicker means of getting support.

Does you iPhone run any type of VPN or Firewall program that needs configured to allow outside access to the app?

On the iPhone, are you able to use a browser to access your account or Web View (CamPlus)?


I knew I should of experimented further before reaching out. Thanks SlabSlayer, it was just my impatience and it is not yet completely understood. As in, yes, I’ve NordVPN and as soon as I paused that, I was in. Confusing though as both these have worked together until just a couple hours ago. No update on OS, Apps, just out of blue behavior. (All are up to date). I’ll now look to NordVPN for exceptions page or something (I hope).


Glad you are in. There are other users who are having difficulty logging in with NordVPN services running on both devices and routers.

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