Wyze Support Issues

They just closed my ticket!!! No response for a resolution!

I have just ordered a different brand of camera to test. If that works out, I will have many Wyze items to sell, (27) cameras to start. If not, I will order another one from a different brand.

Includes (15) OG cameras, (3) pan cameras, (7) V2 cameras, (2) outdoor cameras and hub. Many other Wyze devices after that. Let me know if there is any interest in a package deal. (At least 100 items across their portfolio of offerings.)

All I wanted was a little support for why my (15) OG cameras would not work correctly for playback all of a sudden. These are for security around my house and I cannot even playback the events when they happen. Maybe V3 cameras would fix the issue? Who knows. It would have been easy for Wyze to suggest that and help with the swap to some extent. Instead, all I received was a BS boilerplate response and a closed ticket…

Their support is terrible. I have been with them from the beginning. You used to be able to call and get support. Now, everything goes into a black hole and nothing ever comes out. I am loyal to a company for my automation needs and I expect the company to respect and respond to their customers. It’s time to switch platforms as painful, and expensive, as that is going to be.

I started a thread on Jan 29th named SD Card Viewing and Recording
I would encourage people to read through it to see many others are having the same issue

Here are a couple snippets from it.

I appreciate, and respect, the fact that most all of the responses have been based on my SD card choice. I have a picture below of all of them I have tried now.

My first Wyze camera was purchased in Jan 1, 2020. Still going strong with no issues. I started to buy Wyze OG version cameras on Jan 28, 2023 and now have 15 of them. (27 Wyze cameras total) They were all working fine with the Gigastone 32GB. I started to update some of them to the Team Group 128GB just for added playback storage back in June 2023.

All have been fine and fully functioning until two weeks ago approximately . The OG cameras will not play video back within the APP for more than 30 seconds. Then they freeze. You can jump forward 30 seconds and they will then play for 30 additional seconds. All of the playback files are intact when I put the card into a reader on my computer. Again non OG versions are still fine.

In the past days I have tried 2 versions/brands of “High Endurance” cards. They both failed on my OG cameras but were fine in my “NON-OG” cameras.

I lean towards a bad firmware update that isn’t correctly stitching together the 1 minute files it creates on the SD.

My Wi-Fi is strong in each location. I have Starlink with (7) EERO mesh routers throughout the buildings here that they are communicating with at 2.4ghz.

This snippet is referencing my BS response from Wyze….

I have not had any luck. I have two open tickets and all I get is boiler plate BS return emails that say they are working on it. They don’t acknowledge they have root caused, or even recognize there is an issue but they are working on it. Maybe if you turn in a ticket, it may help to emphasize an extensive issue within the community. Their awesome advice is to keep watching for new firmware updates.

Here is the Wyze response

"Thank you for getting back to us! I’m Jeffrey, and I appreciate your patience as we work on addressing the playback issues with your Wyze Cam OG cameras.

I wanted to provide you with an update: our dedicated Engineering Team has received the logs and is actively investigating the matter. While I don’t have a specific timeframe for the resolution at the moment, please be assured that they are diligently working to identify the root cause and implement a swift fix. Since the Engineering Team operates offline, direct updates from them might be limited, but they typically address such issues through firmware and app updates.

To stay informed, I recommend checking for app and firmware updates regularly, as these may contain the necessary fixes for the playback issue. We understand this situation isn’t ideal, and we appreciate your understanding and patience as we navigate this process."

Then they closed my ticket!!!!

If you can condense the issue into a few sentences or 2 paragraph, you should submit it in tomorrow’s monthly Fix it Friday event and see if other people will report having the same or similar issue. If it is indeed a wide-spread high impact issue that others are experiencing, it could get chosen to be one of the monthly priorities that get weekly public updates on the progress.

Though from their response, it sounds like they are already aware and working on it, so it should get resolved in an upcoming firmware &/or software update either way.

Also, it sounds like you are already decided and determined to leave Wyze, so perhaps it doesn’t matter for you now anyway. But if you are just venting and do actually want ideas of other things you can try to get this on a list for public weekly updates, you could post a submission into the monthly fix it friday (not that high impact bugs get worked on either way, but the benefit of fix it Friday is that they get the highest priority and weekly public reports on the progress).

Actually, one of my goals by posting this was to get you to surface on this post and give me good feedback as you now have. I read most of your posts and appreciate your feedback to other issues you try to help with.

This is a great example, what is “Fix It Friday” and how do I get it in for the event?

Based on the issue and the severity of it, I have no choice but to look for options. That is not my preference and as I have mentioned, if CAM+ would help I would buy the service. If V3’s would work, I would buy them to replace the OG’s. (I would like a bundle price and maybe a little credit for the OG’s and return them.)

I am not getting support and it is a safety and security issue. I can explain further but I have a large property and a long driveway. I seem to be a magnetic for afterhours activities in my area. Guns, booze and smoking are normal activities by these kids. I need these cameras to be reliable, and they were until probably early January when just the OG cameras failed me and still are. (15 of them) All others are still fine.

I had been emailing them back to get some sort of feedback and get some assurance that were in fact working on it. Nothing but silence back. And then yesterday, they closed my tickets. That was the last straw.

Thanks again for the post back.

Thank you. That is nice to hear.

In the future, if you’d like my specific feedback, you are welcome to call me directly by typing @carverofchoice and it will notify me someone is specifically wanting my attention on something. I won’t be offended. I usually read stuff on here in cracks of time while I’m working and need a short attention break, so sometimes I will just skim over some posts or leave them alone if I see someone else I know is already looking into something, or if it is with a device model or mode I don’t use as frequently. In this case, I mostly skimmed your previous thread because while I do have one of each of the OG cam lineup, I don’t really use the OG cams very much, I have an older firmware version on them (not the up to date one), and I am not as familiar with normal expectations as I am with many others that I use constantly every day and pay closer attention to. So I often skim through OG stuff and leave it to others to address who use them more often and will be familiar with what’s normal, etc.

However, it is obvious that what you are experiencing is not acceptable or normal. I am assuming this must be more widespread than just happening with you.

The First Friday of every month (this will be tomorrow March 1st this next time), Jason will post a new thread titled: “Fix-It Friday - 3/1/2024” in the Wyze News category. Once that thread is posted, it is open for submissions from the community of what we think are the most “High Impact” issues affecting people. Between Friday through Monday, other people “like” the posts that are affecting them or that they consider as the most critical issues they want ongoing status updates on. On Monday, Jason reports all of those issues to the appropriate teams back at Wyze HQ. For the 4 that were the highest voted on in each platform (Forums, Facebook, Reddit, and Discord), they will add that issue to the list to give us weekly status updates until the issue is resolved. The other issues are also reported and usually resolved too, but only the top issue gets guaranteed to get weekly updates until it’s resolved.

So, I suggest posting a summary of the bug in Fix-it-Friday tomorrow (not the problem with support, but specifically how SD playback isn’t working correctly on any OG cams), and then informing all the people who you know are also experiencing the issue (ie: those in your other thread who said they are having playback issues too) that they should go “Like” your post in that thread.

Again, Note that all issues reported there are seen and reported to Wyze even if they aren’t the top voted issue. The main benefit of being the top-rated issue is the weekly public status updates.

So let’s plan on doing that tomorrow. I’ll vote on your issue too because I believe that is a pretty critical high-impact issue that should be addressed as a priority.

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Alright @StevenP I organized the issue for you and made it the first submission in Fix-it-Friday in this platform. In my opinion, your issue should probably be considered the top issue this month:

I hope it helps. Don’t forget to “like” that post to help it get added as the top issue. :+1: