Wyze started out as a breath of fresh air

In the beginning, Wyze got great reviews for well-priced products. But it seems to have stumbled.

  • There are too many reports of non-responsive support inquiries.
  • The iOS app has an unimpressive 3.6 rating from almost 14,000 reviews.
  • Obvious needs, such as satellite chimes for Doorbell Pro are unavailable.

I recently recommended the Doorbell Pro to a friend, but now I wish I’d pushed him to another brand.

I love WYZE, not all of their products. I’ve tried 95% of their products amd some just didn’t work out for me. Thats life.

Just an fyi, you can actually have as many satellite chimes as you want. Alexa devices can ring when someone pushes the button. Sure they aren’t WYZE chimes, but they work the same away.