Wyze Doorbell Questions/Feedback

I have to admit that I am one of those people who loves Wyze products and have been eagerly awaiting the Doorbell and Thermostat release. When I found out the doorbell was about to land I was at my computer and ready to go on the day of release, but once it posted I found myself coming to a screeching hault. So with that said, here is my individual feedback and questions on this specific product.

  1. I agree with other commenters. I prefer to use my existing chime rather than adding an additional device for no reason. Although I do think its a great add on option to have, it shouldn’t have been made the requirement.

  2. One of the features listed in regards to the light mentions “alerting porch pirates of your video doorbell”. That’s fine. What concerns me is that it doesn’t seem like there is any truly securing the actual doorbell into its wall plate via a small hidden screw or something. Meaning… While the porch pirate is stealing your packages, the light turns on bringing his attention to your awesome new video doorbell, and all he has to do is slide it up from the wall plate and now he’s stolen that too. It need some sort of security to lock it in place. Most likely, yes, if a thief wants it they’re going to rip it off with a screwdriver or something (we’ve all seen it happen 100 times on the neighbors app), but if they’re gonna steal it, they better have to work to get it off.

  3. Maybe I missed it, but I haven’t seen anything about this device being compatible with any Assistants…? At this point, if its not, thats a massive miss. The purpose of having a smart device is that everything it supposed to work together as one home unit and make your life simpler. So when I ask my Google Assistant to show me my doorbell thats exactly what it should do. Not to mention, I find it completely unacceptable if it only works with Alexa as the Wyze Lock does. I love my lock, but come of guys, the site has been saying, “Google Assistant support coming soon” forever now. Lets go…

  4. No SD Card. This is perfectly fine to me. My only question is, when it says there’s no SD Card because events are saved on “the cloud”, is the cloud a free service or something I have to pay for in addition and as an ongoing service? Meaning if I don’t pay for a cloud service am I only able to view live events? I sure hope this isn’t the case, but would love to know.

I know this post probably seems like an angry consumer, but again, I do love Wyze products and would love to see these things addressed before I purchase this device (which I really want to)…

It works just like the Wyze cams. For free, it records 12 seconds of video to the cloud when motion is detected. Subscribe to Cam Plus for $1.99/month and it will record video to the cloud for the entire length of time that motion is detected until the motion stops. Either way, the video is stored in the cloud for 14 days. It still does not record “all the time” (i.e., even if there is no motion detected) like local storage in the Wyze cams do.

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Will the Wyze doorbell be able to pair to the Wyze bulb?

We use the Wize bulb on our porches

Is the aspect ratio of the video doorbell fixed at 3:4 or can we select 16:9 or even a fisheye option? With my current video doorbell I can see quite a bit of action way beyond my door stoop. I don’t want to lose this feature. And yes, I can see entire people at my door, head to toe.

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Will you be able to have 2 connected–one for the front door and one for the back?

Can Wyze doorbell cast videos to Chromecast?

I’m dealing with a renovation. The home originally did NOT have a doorbell, so it did not have an indoor doorbell chime. I assume this is not a problem and that the Wyze Doorbell will work without me having to deal with doorbell chime wires that don’t exist.

The electrician ran wires to the outside entry for the express purpose of putting in a doorbell. I assume I can use these wires to connect the Wyze doorbell, and then it’s a matter of me putting inside as many Wyze chimes as I want.

Are my assumptions correct? The absence of an existing indoor chime and the absence of indoor chime wires is NOT a problem, and, the Wyze doorbell will work even without wiring going to an indoor chime? Thanks in advance.

I am waiting for the doorbell to become available again. However, I ran my own wires from the transformer to the front and have a different video doorbell active. You assumption is correct, as long as your wires are powered correctly.

You don’t need to have an existing chime, wyze actually bypasses it.

Thanks, spamoni4. That’s what it looked like from the installation video, that the indoor chime is simply being bypassed with the Wyze fuse wire. But I’m grateful to you for confirming this. Thanks!