First impression of the Wyze doorbell

My home has a Ring Doorbell Pro, a Chime Pro, and 3 spotlight cam mounts. They have worked great since I purchased them a few years ago. When the Wyze doorbell was offered to early adopters, my order was placed immediately.

The doorbell arrived about 2 weeks ago, but I was not anxious to swap out the Ring because it worked. Today I removed the Ring doorbell and chime from the app because the clarity of the image from the Wyze doorbell is so much better. One complaint I had with the Ring was the person at the porch had a difficult time understanding what I was saying. The Wyze doorbell audio is much clearer.

Like the vacuum, Wyze has another hit.

My plan is to remove all the Ring devices and get Wasserstein floodlights that accept Wyze cameras.

Saving the $100 annual subscription Ring charges is a bonus.


Just got my doorbell installed and cant figure out how to get a notification on my phone when the button is pressed. Any ideas?